I have prospects for a full starlight wii kiosk unit, and this is solid. Expect in the next month or so that we will have our hands on it.

As the seller will likely ship it all to me in a few separate boxes, I will have to assemble it before the hacking live stream.

If you want to be there for the unboxing and assembly that I will do live on Jitsi, keep an eye on ConsoleBytes.com for the link.

UPDATE: The required funds for this kiosk unit have been acquired. I will be paying the seller within the next few days hopefully. Expect that we should have all the pieces to the kiosk within the next 2 weeks.

UPDATE 2: I just paid for the starlight kiosk right now. We are on the home stretch for finally getting a full starlight wii kiosk. A decade of waiting is now finally coming to fruition… and we didn’t have to pull off a heist.

UPDATE 3: I just had a few pics of the full kiosk sent to me. Here they are.


Someone else has beaten me to extracting the data from a starlight unit just days prior to parts of the kiosk being mailed out to me. At this point, it is useless for me to continue to get the kiosk.

My decade long search to get this kiosk and hack it has come to an end. I am rather devastated that it ended this way when I was so close to finally doing the hack and getting the data myself. I am still pleased that this data is now out there and we have learned quite a bit.

The person that did extract the data is now a user on my private irc server.

At this point though, I am hanging up the towel on my console hacking and modding videos. This was supposed to be my final hack and contribution to the game preservation community before fully retiring.

For any of the data that was extracted or anything else that I have wii related, you can check my file server at…


I would like to thank everyone that has been a part of this community with me. We’ve had a great time together and have accomplished lots of great things in a short amount of time.

Goodbye all, and keep hacking.

By Admin