UPDATE: As of 6/28/2020, the Wii Dual is out of stock. It is unknown if any more stock will be allowed to be purchased before production starts. For all of those that were lucky enough to place an order, congrats.

For those that do not already know, the Wii Dual is the ultimate way to get the best image quality out of your Nintendo Wii and it is over HDMI.
This kit has been available in the past but then went out of production. With plenty of nagging from the community, it has been opened up for pre-order one last time.

I, DeadlyFoez, plan to do installation services for people. The price has not been figured out yet, but we want to keep it fair for you guys.
If you are interested in having me do an install for you then contact me directly at DeadlyFoez@gmail.com

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